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[AnyStock 1.x] Legend performance issues, when too many charts with lots of data are used.

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2015 06:20PM MDT
If you put too many charts together and use a lot of data in them, you may experience some performance problems. These problems may be caused by the Legend control, if you are using %SeriesIcon and %ChangeIcon formatting tokens.

Problem may be solved by disabling the legend or avoiding using mentioned tokens, but if it is not an option, there is another solution: use pseudo-graphic symbols instead of them, for example:

 = ↑
 = ↓
 = ●
 = ■

These symbols can be colored using HTML formatting and color tokens, for example:

<font color="%Color"> ● </font> 
<font color="%ChangeColor"> ↑ </font>

At the same time you should disable built-in icons:

    <icon enabled="false" />
    <falling_rising_icons enabled="false" />

Note: you can use %ChangeColor.Current, %ChangeColor.First and so on to color the text, see Legend: Series Labels to learn more.

Note: some fonts to not support these symbols, please check before using them. Times New Roman supports this symbols almost everywhere.

Sample legend configuration may look as follows:

    <icon enabled="false" />
    <falling_rising_icons enabled="false" />
        <format><![CDATA[<font color="%Color">●</font> <font color="%Color">{%SeriesName}</font> <font color="#333333">{%Value.Current}</font>]]></format>
        <format><![CDATA[<font color="%Color">●</font> <font color="%Color">{%SeriesName}</font> <font color="#333333">{%Value.LastVisible}</font>]]></format>

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